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Orthotics/Shoe Inserts

Custom made foot orthotics are prescribed for many biomechanical foot disorders such as high arches, low arches (flat feet), bunions, and hammer toes.

Heel spurs, plantar fasciitis (plantar cacaneal enthesopathy), Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, joint pain, knee, hip and back pain often times will respond favorably to plaster casted, custom made foot orthotics.


Although medical assessment including a comprehensive biomechanical examination results in an individual orthotic prescription. A non-weight bearing, sub-talar neutral plaster-of-paris cast is then taken of the patient’s feet. The cast and prescription are sent to a PFOLA accredited orthotic laboratory.

To qualify for reimbursement, many health care plans demand proof of a full biomechanical assessment, plaster cast and prescriber credentials.


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    Our Benefits

  • Restore natural function
    Using custom made orthotics, your feet
    will feel as great as they used to.
  • Release joint tension
    Orthotics helps to realign foot and ankle bones to neutral positions.
  • Get back to enjoying your life!
    Feel better and enjoy all your favorite
    daily activities.

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What does my insurance need for my orthotic claim?
 The Canadian Life and Health Association approves Chiropody as a prescriber and dispenser of prescription foot orthotics. Only Chiropodists and Podiatrists are licensed to prescribe and dispense orthotics by The College of Chiropodists of Ontario meaning that we are held to a higher standard ensuring that you are receiving the best care.
Custom orthotics are not regulated by the government therefore may be offered to you by a multitude of non-foot specialists. However, only Chiropodist prescribed and dispensed orthotics meet your insurance requirements. Talk to your insurance company for details of your coverage.
Your claim must have the following:
  • A recognized prescriber and dispenser (Chiropodists)
  • A proper biomechanical examination and gait analysis
  • A plaster foot cast in sub-talar neutral
  • A prescription written with a diagnosis
  • A receipt of full payment
  • A recognized orthotic laboratory invoice


How orthotics are made.